Camp Friday is a military base south of Ysytina, Treien. It is the largest military base in the country and is home to the Department of Defence and the Ostrobian Defence Force. Camp Friday was constructed by the British Empire to fight off invading ships and the population in 1750. Since then, Camp Friday has extended from a military base to an airbase and a military school. The Ostrobian Army, Ostrobian Air Force and some NATO forces are situated there.

This is one of the three military insitutions in Treien, others being the Jervis Bay Naval Port and Athberg Military Centre.


The host unit is the 5th Airlift Wing (5 AW), commanded by Brigadier General Patrick C. Morden. The 5th Airlift Wing is composed of six groups, 42 squadrons and three bases in Ostrobia,Germany, Spain, and Belgium. Its mission is the operation and maintenance of airlift assets consisting of C-130Js, C-20s, C-21s, C-40B and C-37A Gulfstream aircraft throughout Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Camp Friday also hosts an garrison. The 1st,2nd and 3rd Air Assualt Brigade is situated there. Around 23,000 people work there, in the fields of service, technicians and military personel.


There is three military acadamies governed by the Department of Education Special Defence Unit and Oversea's Families (DESDUOF), these are: St Peters Military Academy for Air and Land Brigades, Pieus High School and Rome Elementary School.