The CWCR is a wikiverse, designed to compete with the IWO. The main difference is that we have fewer regulations - for instance, on population, the IWO has a limit of about 2 million per country, but we have no limit.


Cross Wiki CouncilEdit

The Cross Wiki Council that comprises of head of states or governments of the member states. It also comprises the president of the Cross Wiki Council and the Secretary General of the Cross Wiki Country Relations.

Cross Wiki Rights TreatyEdit

The CW Rights Treaty is an international treaty that protects human rights and freedoms in the CWCR. Every CWCR nation must sign the treaty. New members are expected to ratify at the earliest date.

Cross Wiki Trade ZoneEdit

The CWTZ is a free trade zone. Anyone can trade without stopping for customs. They can be reexported but only when the goods is moved to the consumer, it is subject to custom checks.

Cross Wiki Nuclear and Army Assistance ZoneEdit

The CWNAAZ is a nuclear sharing program with Ostrobia to other countries. It is a concept of CWNAAZ way of deterence and provides armed forces for that country. As part of nuclear sharing, the participating countries carry out consultations and take decisions on nuclear weapons policy, maintain technical equipment, and store nuclear weapons on their territory. Since Ostrobia is a member of the NPT. No nuclear weapons could be traded unless if its a serious war.

The Army Assistance Zone is a military treaty. The organisation uses collective defence in responce to an attack of a external country. The Army Assistance Zone was involved in wars such as the Second Stratoherra War, along with NATO.