Elementarron (Locator Code: B19) is a city (town until 2001) in Elementarron County, Maine. It had 72 283 inhabitants in 2011, risen to 76 400 in 2015. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in Ostrobia, and is home to it's largest university.


The city is centred around the University Square, with the University of Ostrobia on the north side near Banning St. (RTA map reference: 277 C3) and the railway station to the south-west at Traver St. To the south of the city is designed in a grid system, built during the mid-20th century, but the older north is rather unevenly designed, due to the higher elevation of the ground.


Elementarron is a major railway line hub, with the Maine Upper Line and North-Eastern Line junct at the Elementarron station. It will also be a terminus for NNW Rail, once the line's section is finished.