Great Northern
Contract Great Northern
Main states Maine, Northern Ostrobia
Other states New North Wales, National Territory
Stations called at 33
Stations operated 29
OBR code GNT
Parent company & influencers Nederlandse Spoorwegen, Regional Maine Transport, TransNOA, Maine City Transport

Nederlandse Spoorwegen Great Northern (operating as Great Northern) is a train operating company in Ostrobia owned by the Dutch railway company Nederlandse Spoorwegen operating the Greater Northern franchise. It provides services from its central Treien terminus at Treien Hudston Bay to Northern Treien, Maine and Northern Ostrobia.

Most of the company's suburban Treien services will be transfered to HBTC and Treien Orbital Railway. It's contract with OBR expired in 2015, but it was accepted a renewal.


In March 2009, Deutsche Bahn (Great Northern previous operator) , FirstGroup, Nederlandse Spoorwegen and Royal Ostrobian Ltd. was picked in the first selection of bidding for the contract. FirstGroup and Royal Ostrobian backed out the first few rounds of bidding. In July 2009, the Great Northern contract was awarded to Nederlandse Spoorwegen with it's contract ending at July 2015.

During March 2011, OBR announced that it will cease operation of the Network North Eastern contract (once held by Royal Ostrobian under the name, Network North East) and will give it's Treien to Northern Ostrobia part to Nederlandse Spoorwegen Great Northern and its other services to Dardly Central and rural Northern Ostrobia routes to Atacom Transportation (Great Eastern) which ran the Great Eastern franchise. With the combination of the services, the old 2009 contract was terminated and a new 2011 contract was granted to Nederlandse Spoorwegen, under the name Greater Northen Franchise. Nederlandse Spoorwegen was not obliged to change its branding to reflect the change.

Contract CommitmentsEdit

During the first contract agreement

  • Improve station and ticketing facillities
  • A text messaging service to keep passengers informed of any disruptions
  • Mobile phone and printing facilities
  • Introduce new trains (OBR Class 364) in the Maine Main Line to replace aging OBR Class 330's
  • New automatic ticket barriers at every station

During the revisied contract agreement

  • Introduce Free WiFi on trains
  • Raise Public Preformance Measure
  • Introduce weekday 6tph operating by Tenarite and Treien Hudston Bay
  • Reduce carbon footprint emmisions
  • $72 million of investment on station upgrades, focusing on Elementarron, Lebvlo and Tenarite.

During the second contract agreement

  • Introduce delay repay
  • New ticketing programs with offers for new\existing travellers
  • Reintroduction of the 3 tph service from Treien Hudston Bay to Chaster Eld Tal and Newcastle Rock.
  • $42 million investment on Brundton and Noley stations
  • Increase capacity in the Tenarite - Treien Line
  • Introduce Treien Hudston Bay to Thrusticle route via Bruthar Sergi Bromwin
  • Introduce new trains in the Tenarite Maine Line (OBR Class 374)

Rolling StockEdit

Current fleetEdit

Class Image Type Cars per set Top speed Number Routes operated Inheritance Built
mph km/h
240 240 Diesel Locomotive n\a 80 129 3 Hauling services only Network North East 1960 - 1965
332 332 Electric Locomotive n\a 100 161 23 Treien - Tenarite Route Network North East 1990 - 1998
353 353 Electric Locomotive n\a 100 161 16 Treien - Maine Route Great Northern (DB) 1993 - 1997
330 330 EMU 4,8,12 100 161 12 Maine state routes (rarely used) Great Northern (DB) 1979 - 1983
331 331 EMU 4,8, 12 100 161 54 Northern Ostrobia routes Network North East 1992 - 1994
358 358 EMU 4,8, 12 100 161 34 Maine state routes, Northern Treien routes Great Northern (DB) 2001 - 2007
364 364 EMU 4, 8, 12 100 161 75 Maine, Northern Treien and Northern Ostrobia routes N\A 2010 - 2011
374 374 EMU 4, 8 ,12 100 161 63 Northern Ostrobia routes N\A 2015 -
AC Carriage Accariage Carriage n\a n\a n\a 312 Treien - Tenarite Route, Treien - Maine Route Network North East Great Northern (DB)

1985 - 1992