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Haswell is a major city in the Treien Commuter Belt. It had 1,232,119 inhabitants in Census 2011, risen to 1,254,400 in 2015. It's governed under the City of Haswell LGA in the east of Treien. The LGA was merged from the City of North Haswell, City of Velham and City of Media Plain in the LGA Expansion in 2002.

Haswell is the largest city in North East Treien. It is part of the North East Corridor and is a major transport hub for North East suburbs and intercity Great Northern services.


Haswell is at the northeast of Treien. It lies between Edmonton, Jervis, Hatfield-on-Sea, Alieheim, Konopi, Furty and officially Noley.

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Haswell is one of the North East Corridor 's major commercial and retail districts. The Ostrobian headquaters of Carter's Life Insurance , Smith's Snackfood, Pepsico and OSBR Limited , as well as offices of Nortel Networks, Optimum , Lenovo, NEC and Cisco are based in Haswell.

Haswell has two major shopping centres, Haswell Chase and Westfield Haswell. There are also a few smaller shopping centres such as the Lemon Springs near the Haswell Flyover and the Amity Centre near the corner of Doltz Avenue and Albany Avenue. Haswell Centre is a new shopping centre above the Haswell railway station and bus interchange featuring retail, medium rise offices and blocks of units. The 'Interchange' was a small shopping centre between the Haswell railway station, but it was demolished to make way for extra platforms for the Treien Rail service to Argos Bay in North West Treien and Ysytina in South West Treien. 

The Haswell Chase which was completed in 1983, features a Fashonia store, KabMart , Kabbah and 120 speciality stores, focusing on designer-label brands. 'Westfield Haswell', which is owned and managed by The Westfield Group, opened in September 12th 1992. It features a IGA supermarket, H&M fashion store, Argos, Toys 'R' Us, To-HiFi , HardSports , Hotts Cinema complex and 300 specality stores. There is also a second Hotts Cinema in the Lemon Springs Centre.

Haswell has a wide variety of resturants and cafes and is known as a major dining destination in the North East Corridor. There are a large number of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch and German resturants and eatries. There are also two hotels in Haswell: The Manila, near Haswell railway station and The Twyford near Westfield Shopping Centre. The Haswell Club is a venue hall which caters to weddings, birthdays, cocktail parties and other festiviles.

The Manila is located at 65-67 Clayton Ave., near the Gunterford Road junction (call (20)3716-5223), and the Twyford is at 490 Old Noley Highway (opp. Tesco Northland, call (20)4907-1516).

Westfield Haswell is the second-largest shopping centre in Ostrobia, surpassed only by the Southland Universal Centre in New Britain, Seblo.


Haswell railway station is one of the major interchanges in Treien. It serves five train lines, all from Treien Hudston Bay Station, two metro lines, the Haswell line and the Northern line, and the Treien Orbital Railway served by Treien Rail. The Haswell line terminates at this station. The Treien Orbital Railway had to demolish The Interchange in 2005, so it could complete the rail network. The station was totally rebuilt in 2008, and in 2009, the Treien Orbital Railway was built. Great Northern serves rail lines from Treien Hudston Bay station to Maine City, Newcastle Rock, Lebvlo, Bruthar Sergi Bromwin, Tenarite and Brendton. Upon completion in 2019, NNW Rail will serve the station.

Haswell is also a major bus terminal. It serves Edmonton, Jervis, Konopi and Furty for buses. It is served by the HBTC.


Haswell has both public and private primary and secondary schools. These include:

  • Haswell High School (Year 7 to 12)
  • Haswell Primary School (Kindergarten to Year 6)
  • St Pius College (Year 7 to Year 12)
  • St Pauls Catholic Primary School (Kindergarten to Year 6)

Twin TownsEdit

Haswell is twinned with Chatswood, Sydney, Australia and Stratford, London, United Kingdom.