Haswell-by-Gunterford Road

Haswellstation The station's south entrance

Location Haswell
LGA City of Haswell
Managed by HBTC
Owner Treien City Council
Station code HBG
Number of platforms 19 (15 in use, 4 under construction)
Accessible Yes
Fare zone 3
Metrolink annual entry and exit
2011  48.57 million
2012  50.96 million
2013  54.50 million
2014  59.31 million
TOR annual boardings and alightings
2007–08 5.286 million
2008–09 5.077 million
2010–11 6.615 million
OBR annual entry and exit
2007–08  13.369 million
2008–09  12.330 million
— interchange 1.143 million
2009–10  12.370 million
— interchange 1.383 million
2010–11  17.479 million
— interchange 1.659 million
2011–12  21.797 million
2012–13  25.564 million
— interchange 3.671 million
2013–14  26.378 million
— interchange 5.000 million
Key dates
1971 Replaced Lemon Springs
1972 Haswell line started
1982 Northern line started
2005 Treien Orbital Railway started
2019 NNW Rail due to start

Haswell railway station is a railway station in Haswell, Treien. It was opened in 1971 and is the 10th-busiest railway station in Ostrobia. It is a major gateway between Treien and the North of Ostrobia, operating services to Edmonton, Maine City and Tenarite among others. The station is in HBTC Fare zone 3.


Haswell station opened on September 26th, 1971 to replace the old Lemon Springs station (now a bus interchange). It was needed for a station closer to central Haswell. The Lemon Springs station was closed down in 1974. The original building had 4 platforms, and in 2005 'The Interchange' was demolished to build 2 further platforms (5/6).


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