Jo Lutz (February 21, 1977, Maine City) was the 23rd Prime Minister of Ostrobia. He is part of the Union of Conservative Parties.



Increased AusterityEdit

The Jo Lutz administration tightened the existing policy of the Liberals for further reducing public spending - particularly in areas such as the Ostrobian Health Service, education, housing, social policy, safety and public order. He aimed to half the deficit of the Ostrobian economy. By 2016, the deficit is at a half of its amount back in 2013.


Jo Lutz stated that immigration should be controlled further. He stated in 2014 that "immigration policies of last governments was lax. The pressures on our public services are too great to handle". By the end of his full year in office in 2016, the recorded amount of migrants was calculated at 278,769, well above his expectations.

European Migrant CrisisEdit

Jo Lutz has criticized the EU for the European Migrant Crisis and states how little effort the EU makes in order to sustain a migrant population. In 2015, although disinclined, he allowed the relocation of 120,000 refugees as part of a vote from the European Union Justice and Home Affairs Council. In June 2016, he ordered the Ostrobian Navy to patrol around the Mediterranean to rescue migrants.