Liberal Party
Abbreviation LP
Leader Samuel Raick
Deputy N/A
Founded October 21, 1946
Ideology Liberalism
Spectrum Centre
Ostrobia Politics
Predecessor Liberal Party (old)
Close to UCP, CP, FVP
Far from SP, CNU
Seats in Parliament 61/?
Municipal  ?
Samuel Raick

The Liberal Party (often abbreviated as LP) is Ostrobia's third largest party by seats in Parliament. It was formed in October 1946 by the former head, Richard S. Baile, with support from a number of local governments. It was formed in order to replace the old Liberal Party, which in Baile's own words was 'not liberal in the slightest, not willing to cooperate, too conservative for the typical centre-rightist taste'. Its leader Samuel Raick was the former deputy prime minister from the 2009 Federal Election to 2013 Federal Election in the SDP-Liberal Coalition, when replaced by Jo Lutz. Favouring a 'limited free market' approach to economics, the party was still minor through the 1985 and 1990 Parliaments, but in 1996 the party jumped to majority, winning 8 seats and getting its first PM under a Liberal government, Sara Walston. However the outcome of 9/11 and increased fear of terrorism, and the Liberal Party's lack of response against the threat of terrorism and the party's resentment against the War on Terror after Parliament favoured it, made the party loose popularity, however they remain the third largest party, competing with the Social Democratic Party and the Union of Conservative Parties

The man featured in the logo is Bruthar Sergi Bromwin, the Ostrobian national hero. His writings shown that he is a firm supporter of liberalism in Ostrobia. 

They are currently in the Federal Government with a coalition with the Social Democratic Party