The current Parliament we know in Ostrobia today has existed since 1880, the year in which local regulative councils were abolished from lawmaking and a national parliament was formed. In the 1900s a number of political parties were formed and with the regulation of the written Constitution and Federal Law, created a new political system.

Current partiesEdit

Name Logo Ideology Leader Active since Seats (2017)
Social Democratic Party SDP Progressivism
Social democracy
Alexandria Zwanskee April 1920 37
Union of Conservative Parties UOCP

Economic liberalism

Jo Lutz November 1973 38
Liberal Party LP
Social Liberalism
Samuel Raick October 1960 27
Green Party GP Progressivism
Cameron Lawden July 2005 8
Unite Party UTP
Hard Euroscepticism

Right-wing populism
Ostrobian nationalism

Henry Herbert-Van-Heith January 2018 25
Party van de Democratie PVDP Hard Euroscepticism

Ostrobian Cultural preservation Ultranationalism White Nationalism
Ostrobian unitarism

Genth Wilhems March 2005 0
Independent States Party ISP Centre-right

Ostrobian confederation

Albert Huskart January 2018 0
Centrist Party CP Lawrence Walsh July 1950 0
Christian National Union CNU Tila Alkal March 1977 0

Federal Subject PartiesEdit


Name Aligned to Type Seats in the Central Lovgiver
Stratoheskat Nationale Front SNF Independent Party 6
Stratoheskat Socialistisk Foran SSF SDP Proxy party 5
Stratoheskat Konservative SK UOCP Proxy party 2
Stratoheskat Liberal SL LP Proxy party 1
Grøn Alliance GA GP Proxy party 1
Stratoheskat-Kristne SK CNU Proxy party 0


Name Aligned to Type Seats in the Ehméstn Nákess
SNF Independent Party 6
Sosialistisenliton SOSLI SDP Proxy party 4
Konservatiivinen Hyensha KH UOCP Proxy party 1
Vapaudéan-Paúloe VP LP Proxy party 1
GA GP Proxy party 0
SK CNU Proxy party 0

Defunct partiesEdit

Name Ideology Founded Disbanded
Conservative Party of Ostrobia CPWO Conservatism, Economic liberalism 1908 1973
New Conservative Party NCP Conservatism - Anti-Leibelt Policies 1966 1973
Concerned Citizens of Ostrobia CCO Anti-EEC, Right-wing conservatism 1958 1973
Alternative Party ALT Right-wing populaism 2015 2018