Maine City
Maine Styt
—  City  —
Nickname(s): M City
Founder unknown
Named for Maine state
Seat Union of Conservative Parties
Population (2011) 2,881,054

Maine City is the capital of Maine state and the sixth-largest city of Ostrobia. It has 1,881,054 inhabitants as of 2011, risen to 2,000,000 in 2015. It's in the far north-west of Ostrobia. It has the coolest climate of any Ostrobian city.



The CBD of Maine City is located just inland from Myal-on-Sea and Prufunitc. It contains a lot of modern skyscrapers, office areas and commercial areas.

Myal on SeaEdit

Myal on Sea (sometimes written as Myal-on-Sea), located on the northwestern shore of Maine City, is the main historical area of the city, with a lot of Victorian-era architecture. There are both commercial and residential areas in the neighbourhood, and it is also known for its popular beach.


Prufunitc, located on Maine City's western shore south of Myal on Sea, is the city's main industrial area, though there are also some office and commercial areas within the neighbourhood. Prufunitc contains the Maine City Port, which is Ostrobia's largest seaport. The Maine City International Airport (MCIA) is located on reclaimed land just west of Prufunitc.

West PointEdit

West Point, located on Maine City's northern shore northeast of Myal on Sea, is a modern area of luxury housing and commercial areas.

Happy ValleyEdit

Happy Valley is a settlement located just south of Maine City proper but within its metropolitan area. It is popular with tourists because of the multiple ski resorts that lie in the Maine Range surrounding Happy Valley.


Tuskta, located on Maine City's northern shore east of West Point, is a mostly residential area with a bad reputation, because it has significantly more poverty and crime than the rest of Maine City.

Goose ValleyEdit

Sesila BayEdit


Maine City has a metro system, the Maine City Metro (MCM). The MCM is Ostrobia's third-busiest metro system, after Treien's Metrolink and Seblo's Urban Rail.



The main football club of Maine City is Maine City FC, which is one of the most successful teams of the Ostrobian National League.