Maine City FC is a football club located in Maine City, which plays in the Ostrobian National League. In the early part of its history Maine City FC was a fairly average club, but from roughly 1990 onward the club's results rapidly improved, and it is now one of the best-performing clubs in Ostrobia. The club's improvement is likely related due to an influx of foreign players, particularly from Brazil (and recently also Nigeria).


No. Country Position Player
2 Flag of Brazil DF Mauricio
3 Ostrobiaflag1989- DF Justin Clatt
4 Ostrobiaflag1989- DF Xavier Achen
6 Ostrobiaflag1989- MF Leo Simons
7 Flag of Brazil MF Uelliton
8 Flag of Brazil MF Rondinelly
9 Flag of Brazil FW Dellatorre
11 Ostrobiaflag1989- FW Alex McCarter
13 Flag of Brazil MF Taison
14 Flag of Brazil MF Tchê Tchê
19 Flag of Nigeria FW Kelechi Iheanacho
20 Flag of Nigeria FW Moses Simon

Out on loanEdit

Country Position Player On loan at
Flag of Nigeria FW Isaac Success Ostrobiaflag1989- Happy Valley FC
Flag of Nigeria FW Aminu Umar Flag of England Queens Park Rangers

Notable former playersEdit