New North Wales
Commonwealth of New North Wales
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Motto: Dum Spiro Spero
Anthem: O Trinticle
New North Wales (Ostrobian: Nieuw Nord Wales) is one of Ostrobia's thirteen states. It has a population of 887,863 in Census 2011, which has risen to about 1,000,000 in 2015. Population is under revision Its capital is Eden (pop. 234,263), but the largest city is Etusk (pop. 270,582).

New North Wales is part of the three Trinticle states.



Map of New North Wales (Etusk Delta)

New North Wales is mostly flat and is a river basin for the River Austin that has its mouth in the Etusk Bay. Its highest point is the 279-metre Rukanran near Hyle Heblo. The entirety of the state lies on the Great Ostrobian Plains that provides fertile land for farming and is the largest farming field in Ostrobia.



Lists of counties in New North Wales

The government in New North Wales is primarily a Union of Conservative Parties government however the Social Democratic Party and Unite Party are also present. The governor of New North Wales is Alfie Ranstein (UOCP) since the state elections in 2013.

By state regulations, elections were held again on August 26, 2018, with Ranstein retaining his hold on UOCP leadership and seats in Parliament.

There are five local government areas that make up the state:


Council Population Average economic ranking Council Hall Majority Party Seats in Federal Seats in State Logo
Capital District 6.12 (high) Eden UOCP Edencouncillogo
Etusk Council 7.01 (very high) Etusk UOCP Etuskcouncillogo
Thunet Council 4.97 (medium) Thunet SDP Thunetcouncillogo
Oppingdon Council 6.04 (high) Dexsoko UOCP Oppingdoncountylogo
Tholo 6.06 (high) Tholo SDP Tholocountylogo




NNW Bus logo

The majority of the state is served by state owned NNW Bus, owned by Transport for New North Wales. NNW Bus has five majority terminals, Etusk Station, Eden High Street, Dexsoko Junction for the MDO Region and Tholo Town Centre. NNW Bus has regional services such as the 120 Etusk to Eden route and the 95 Maraton, Dexsoko and Edgitth route.

Various other companies that serve NNW include Helen Hozacky Buses which run services towards Eden, Western Holmes Transport (WHT) in Tholo and Austin, Regional Maine Buses (RMB) in Olesk, Oppingdon, Gok and Jodler and HBTC Buses in Baywarten, Maraton (including Mall of Europe) and Etusk Worldport.


The M1 is the principal road in the state which cuts through Baywarten, Etusk and Eden as a singular route and forms a large part of the Treien Orbital Road from Baywarten to the River Oereomond, cutting past the MDO region and the Northern Plains.

The road network is maintained by NNW Roads with the notable exception of the M1 from Baywarten to River Oereomond bridge managed by HBRTC.


The main rail lines in New North Wales are the Western Mainline, Prethenia Mainline and the Eastern Mainline (Treien - Holmes)

Stations served by Treien Northwestern Railway (TNWR)Edit

  • Baywarten
  • Etusk
  • Eden
  • West Eden (Maryna bound)
  • Thunet (Baywarten to Thunet Route)
  • Maryna Bay
  • Zerby
  • Okterley
  • Hyle Heblo

Stations served by Prethenia State RailwayEdit

  • Maraton
  • Edgitth
  • Dexsoko
  • Thutt
  • Thunet
  • Karhina
  • Iskaty
  • Gbis

Stations served by Great EasternEdit

  • Caster Gale
  • Olesk
  • Olesk Town
  • Rysk
  • Tholo
  • Austin

Stations served by Great NorthernEdit

  • Olesk
  • Oppingdon
  • Gok
  • Jodler

Sister councils & provincesEdit

  • Essex, United Kingdom
  • Hauts-de-France, France
  • Overijssel, Netherlands