New North Wales
Commonwealth of New North Wales
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Motto: Dum Spiro Spero
Anthem: O Trinticle
New North Wales (Ostrobian: Niew Nord Wales) is one of Ostrobia's thirteen states. It has a population of 887,863 in Census 2011, which has risen to about 1,000,000 in 2015. Its capital is Eden (pop. 234,263), but the largest city is Etusk (pop. 270,582).

New North Wales is part of the three Trinticle states.



Map of New North Wales (Etusk Delta)

New North Wales is mostly flat and is a river basin for the River Austin that has its mouth in the Etusk Bay. It is the third longest river in Ostrobia. Its highest point is the 279-metre Rukanran near Hyle Heblo.The entirety of the state lies on the Great Ostrobian Plains that provides fertile land for farming and is the largest farming field in Ostrobia.



Lists of counties in New North Wales

The government in New North Wales is primarily a Liberal Party government, but a few seats of the Union of Conservative Parties, Social Party and the Northern Regionalist Party are also present, especially in the less urban areas.


Council Population Economical Importance in State Council Hall Majority Party Seats in Federal Seats in State Logo
Eden High Eden UOCP Edencouncillogo
Etusk Very High Etusk SDP Etuskcouncillogo


Low Thunet SDP Thunetcouncillogo
Oppingdon Very High Dexsoko UOCP Oppingdoncountylogo
Tholo High Tholo SDP Tholocountylogo

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