The flag of Northern Ostrobia

Northern Ostrobia (Ostrobian: Nord Ostrobia, Stratoherran: Nordostrlige) is an Ostrobian state. In Census 2011 it had 2,446,402 inhabitants, risen to 2,650,000 in 2015. Its capital is Tenarite. It lies at the north eastern point of Ostrobia. It is bordered by Holmes by the south, New North Wales by the south west and Maine by the west.

The capital of Northern Ostrobia is Tenarite, a busy shipping point for Nordic countries to the North Sea. The Strait of Bergen lies on Northern Ostrobia.


Northern Ostrobia was inhabited by the native Ostrobians until the Viking conquest of North Island. The Vikings that settled in Ostrobia developed an new identity named the Stratoherrans and took control of nearly the entire eastern portion of Ostrobia.

In 1530, a war between the Ostrobians and Stratoherrans occured. After solidating British rule in Northern Stratoherra in 1670, Northern Ostrobia housed mostly by Ostrobians. However, after the Sparrow Revolution, Stratoherrans moved back to the area.

Notable revolutionary, Bruthar Sergi Bromwin was born there, he was also executed in the same city. The city, previously named Caladan, was renamed after the revolution.


Northern Ostrobia State Parliament houses 10 MP's representing the 10 counties.


The counties as follows

The minister of Northern Ostrobia is Vilhelm Callesen of the Liberal Party.


Its anthem is the Glorious March, a military march anthem which was played during the height of the Sparrow Revolution. Due to its revolutionary past with its southern city, it was chosen to promote its history and rebelious past.

The flag follows the Nordic style, adhearing to its Viking roots but with Ostrobian cultural colours.