Ostrobian Defence Force

Ostrobaan Weermag

Emblem of the Ostrobian Defence Force

Founded December 21, 1849
Service branches Ostrobian Army

Ostrobian Sea Force Ostrobian Air Force Ostrobian Marine Corps

Headquarters Camp Friday, HamlewoodTreien
Commander-in-Chief Jo Lutz
Secretary of National Defense Jan-Hedrik op Sonnebeld
Chief of Staff  General Lars Vlogtman
Military age 18–56 years old
Conscription None
Active personnel 535,000 (2014)
Reserve personnel 336,000 (2014)
Overall personnel 871,000 (2014)

OS $32.1 billion

Percent of GDP 1.53% (2015-2016 Budget)
Foreign suppliers  United States

South Korea  Israel  Japan  Italy  Germany  United Kingdom  France  Mexico  Australia  Spain  Canada  India  Chile  Colombia  Russia

The Ostrobian Defence Force form the military of Ostrobia, tasked with its defence of the country, as well as promoting international peacekeeping efforts and providing humanitarian aid. 

It consists of four branches, the Ostrobian Army, which provides ground defence, the Ostrobian Navy, which provides on water defence, the Ostrobian Air Force, which provides air defence and the Ostrobian Marine Corps, which specialises in support of naval and army operations in land. It is the 8th largest army in the world and combined, it counts for 0.82% of the total population. Its spending is quite low, but it is considered a modern army.

The Ostrobian Defence Force is under the command of Prime Minister, Jo Lutz. The Ostrobian Defence Force has 20 bases all over Ostrobia, the biggest ones are Camp Friday which serves as the headquaters of the Defence Force and Searswood in Seblo. It is divided into several theater commands.