The War of Independence (1800-1849) was an armed rebelion between Kingdom of France, Denmark, Prussia, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom and the Ostrobian and Stratoherran rebel groups. Fighting started in British Ostrobia after a new tax law has passed in the colony. The Dwezalam Movement then sparked Ostrobian and Stratoherran moves to a independent state, with Ostrobia gaining independence in 1849 with its Sparrow Revolution.

The Ostrobia revolutionaries destroyed British and foregin ships, raided coastal towns and burned foreign soldiers. By 1820, it has emerged to a full scale war, with backing from the United States, France, Netherlands, Prussia and Russia. Efforts to seize gunpowder, weapons and fire bombs were unsucessful, largely due to the resistance during the whole day. In 1840, a ceasefire was held, after the British promising independence in 1849. Two more ceasefires were held in 1845 and 1847.

On 5th October 1849, the country declared independence and the British left the islands after the Seige of New Edinburgh, but after a week later, the army disagreed on how the country should be ran, and different factions of the splited up into different factions which started the Warafea Era.


The War of Independence has its roots when taxes are introduced to Ostrobian and Stratoheran natives. It also has its roots by general persecution of the natives.