Ostrobian redirects here. For Ostrobian people click here. The Ostrobian language is a West Germanic language spoken in Western Ostrobia, specifically South Maine, Treien, New North Wales, Central Holmes, Alnet, West Heblo, West Haliheim and Seblo It is one of the official languages of Ostrobia. It is very similar to Dutch and Flanders languages of the Netherlands and Belgium, hence it is called as a sister language of Dutch. It is the first language of most Ostrobians and is frequently taught in schools from elementary level to high school level.

Although Ostrobian has adopted words from other languages, including English and Stratoherran (which is again derived from Danish and Norwegian), an estimated 97% of vocabulary and spelling is derived from Dutch. Differences are prominant in grammar and certain spelling and pronunciation of words. There is a very large mutal intelligbillity between the languages. With about 32 millon native speakers in Ostrobia, it is the second most spoken language in the country and the largest native language of Ostrobia.

It isn't widely used or spoken due to a massive push to English during the beginning of the 20th century and the English herritage population is more prevelant in Ostrobia than the natives. Attitutes started to change during the 80s where a number of Ostrobian natives started to push for better protection of their heritage. It still doesn't dominate the Ostrobian languages as English is still the prefered language of Ostrobia.

It is managed by the Instelling van Inheemse Talen (Institute for Indigenous Languages) under the Ostrobian wing.

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