Ostrobia is assigned the area code +424. Telephone numbers consist of 10 digits: a 2 or 3-digit area code, with a 7 or 8-digit number. It's CWCR code is +1

Examples of codesEdit

So far the system is only worked out for the North Island and Seblo-Stratoherra area. For instance numbers in Treien use the code 20, so a phone number in Treien or any part of the Capital Territory can be phoned as, say, 20 5550 1947, or from another non CWCR country, +424 20 5550 1947.

List of area codesEdit

Emergency Phone NumberEdit

The emergency phone number for Police, Fire & Rescue and Ambulance is 555. This number was chosen due to the convenicence of dialing the same key three times. The system is digital and feeds to a number of call centres around the country. The local State Police, State Fire & Rescue or State Ambulance Service will then dispatch and handle with the situation. Federal Police would be harder to contact but it is under the operators discresion to contact Federal Police. 112 calls are feeded through the 555 system.