Treien Athberg International Airport (IATA: TRH, ICAO: EOTH) is the fifth largest airport in Ostrobia after Treien Stony Stratford Airport and Seblo International Airport, located about 10 km north east of Treien near Haswell LGA. It served 4,667,982 passengers in 2013. It is the third Treien Airport and the newest, with Treien Stony Stratford Airport, serving other larger international flights and domestic flights and Baywarten Airport, which serves domestic flights.


The airport was first envisioned in 1987 as a low-cost alternative to Treien Stony Stratford. In around 1990, the small village of Athberg was chosen as the new location, and it was built over 6 years. Its first flight was on March 24, 1996 at 3.30 pm to Stockholm, and first arrival was at 2.35 pm the same day from London. Treien Stony Stratford is busiest as it is more closer to Treien and has good transport links. Due to this Treien Athberg is mostly used by budget airlines such as Ryanair, Easyjet, Wizz Air and Jet Ostrobia.

The original airport had two terminals: North (for international flights) and South (for domestic flights). By 2004, these have been renamed to 1 and 2. Due to complaints from the local farmers, the airport operated on a curfew until September 2002, when it was lifted.

The curfew returned for testing for a short while in April 2016, the decision was to not keep it.


There are two runways at Athberg, Runway 1 (05/23) and Runway 2 (01/19).


The airport has two terminals:

  • Terminal 1 (domestic)
  • Terminal 2 (international)

Ground transportationEdit

The R3 links the airport with the M1 at the north and Treien at the south. Bus 24 operates directly to the city, only stopping at Haswell Central and Victoria. Also buses 302, 304, 309 and night service N-17 stop at the airport interchange.

There is no direct rail service as it is expensive and will strain the already crowded Maine Mainline and the North Eastern Route, although there are plans to link up the Airport with Treien Hudston Bay station via Haswell railway station but it includes demolishing some of the Frinksville and Jewlywood suburb of Haswell and building a new motorway bridge under the R3.