Treien Hamlewood

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Location Treien
LGA Hamlewood and Grustanasberg
Managed by HBTC
Owner Treien City Council
Station code THD
Number of platforms 26
Accessible Yes
Fare zone 1
Metrolink annual entry and exit
2011  ???
2012  ???
2013  ???
2014  ???
OBR annual entry and exit
2007–08  ???
2008–09  ???
— interchange ???
2009–10  ???
— interchange ???
2010–11  ???
— interchange ???
2011–12  ???
2012–13  ???
— interchange ???
2013–14  ???
— interchange ???
Key dates
1924 Opened by the Great South Western Railway
2001 International Services Started

Treien Hamlewood Station is the second largest station in Ostrobia and the largest in Treien. It is located at Hamlewood Riverside. It is connected to Metrolink's City and Northern Line and is within walking distance between Inglewood station which is served by Grustanasberg, City and Jervis lines. It serves the South West and the West of Ostrobia and international services to the Netherlands and Germany. It consists of 22 platforms. The international station, Treien Hamlewood International is its own dedicated station, but can be regarded as a part of Treien Hamlewood.

Platform layoutEdit

  • Platforms 1 - 6 - Commuter trains to Ostrobia Beigen (via Okterly or Eden,slow,semi-fast and fast services)
  • Platforms 6 - 12 - Commuter trains to O'Haret on Chazel or Ghruk Bay (via Sabhenio or Helen Hozacky, slow, semi-fast and fast services)
  • Platforms 12 - 18 - Highspeed Trains to Aranley Central or Stratoherra Queen Street (via Freston Bay or Soshuko Bay, semi-fast and fast services)
  • Platforms 18 - 24 - Highspeed Trains to Seblo Central or Hestina City (via Chebalh, semi-fast and fast services)
  • Platform 24 - 26 - ICE and Eurostar services to Seblo Central, Rotterdam, Brussels, Paris, London, Harlingen, Amsterdam, Bremen, Hanover and Berlin.


Preceding station


Following station
Terminus Treien Northwestern Railway
Western Mainline
Terminus Southwestern Highspeed
Western Mainline
Etusk or Eden or Ostrobia Beigen
Preceding station Hamlewood International Following station
Terminus ICE Seblo Central
Preceding station Metrolink Following station
Grustanasberg station City Ostrobia station (Treien)
Airport & City
Vectorbay station Northern Inglewood station
Preceding station Future Services Following station
Balister station NNW Rail Arron Square