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Entrance to Treien Hudston Bay at night

Treien Hudston Bay Station is the largest railway station in Ostrobia, located in the Hudston Bay area of Treien near Athwald Street and Britannia Park. It is connected to Metrolink's City, Haswell and Grustanasberg lines, as well as OBR services to the country's north and north east. It has 17 platforms, making it Treien's second largest railway station after Treien Victoria with 20 platforms.

Platform layoutEdit

Metrolink buildingEdit

Platform Service type Line Service to? Notes
1 Metrolink Haswell Line Hatfield-on-Sea
2 Haswell
3 City Line Circle via Forbes Park
Circle via Victoria
(All other times, public holidays)
4 Circle via Victoria
Circle via Forbes Park
(All other times, public holidays)
5 Grustanasberg Line Furty
6 Mervile

Mainline building Edit

Platform Service type Line Service to? Notes
7 OBR Great Northern
North City Line

Services Edit

Preceding station


Following station
North City Line
Maine Main Line
Haswell or Elementarron
Newcastle Main Line
Haswell or Noley
Tenarite Main Line
Haswell or Brundton
Bruthar Main Line
Haswell or Brundton
Preceding station Metrolink Following station
Wilesden City Victoria
Wilesden Airport & City Victoria
Wilesden Haswell Eclesfield
Mottspur Grustanasberg Basseton

See AlsoEdit

  • Treien Hamlewood - the western and south western gateway to Treien
  • Treien Victoria - the south eastern and the eastern gateway to Treien
  • Treien Wilesden - the NNW - Holmes gateway to Treien